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My sources of inspiration part. 1 – Roland Kirk

Here is one of the guys who inspired me. Or I rather to say I’m respectfull in front of the man and admirative listening to his musical approach. Roland Kirk is all sound, above all a musical prophet. Maybe underestimate but more, a not enough known artist. It’s a part of its destiny. This is for me the incarnation of music. Music freed from the words you want to put…


Earth, sun, magnetic forces and galactic changes

This topic put relation between diverse phenomenons. It’s more than important I think. I have the intuition and instinct of something huge will come soon. So to understand what happened you have to rely events between them to find the causes and deduce consequences. First of all I’ve heard about strange solar activity. The sun is in an unsual and unwaited phase of low activity. Less and less spots appears…


Medline – El Pueblo Unido Primera Parte

El Pueblo Unido primera parte

For all the revolutionary spirits, “El Pueblo Unido” is a new Medline selection of guajira, guaguanco, guaracha, son, cumbia, rumba, bomba, condombe, merengue, salsa, latin jazz, latin soul, latin funk…


Fine Cuts : Bad Blessed style


Vendredi 25 mars au barbershop restaurant, Gusby & Medline s’occuperont d’enjoliver vos favoris et nuques longues dès 21h jusqu’à réduction notable de votre volume capillaire.


Eternal Candles


Performance et installation dans les rues de Saint Germain des Près et sur le Pont des arts à Paris.


Animation – projet ∞

Image 8

Dessins: Stephane Carricondo Musique: Orlando Diaz Corvalan Post Production: Alex D’alessio Animation: Théo Lopez