Medline – El Pueblo Unido Segunda Parte

El Pueblo Unido Segunda Parte

Medline - El Pueblo Unido segunda parte by Propaground on Mixcloud


Second part of "El Pueblo Unido" dropped the 14th of July for the anniversary of the French Revolution.

This mix is made to support all actual democratic movements such as in Greece, Tunisia, Spain with the indignados and in the rest of the world with the weapon of music.
Latin spirit of unity and fighting against military and economic dictatures is spraid in this mix by the voices of Ernesto Che Guevara, Subcommandante Marcos, Salvador Allende y Fidel Castro.
Don't be fooled by medias, the power is in our head and hands. Fear is used to keep cattle under control and exploited! Music will take off all fears from women and men fighting for respect, dignity, rights and real freedom !
Don't forget History! Wake up your mind! Share this mix like a revolutionary message! it's free!
El pueblo unido jamas sera vencido!

Made with the love of people and only pure wax from South America and original vinyls.

Paint by Heri Tapia de Chile

Cover design & mix by Medline

Composer, beatmaker, turntablist, lyricist and flow provider, multi instrumentist. Co creator of the independant label Propaground. Creator of the vinyl record's dedicated events and network ROTATION