Afrology – The Manifest


Afrology – The Manifest is a concept album create to defend artists memory and rights and especially african musicians against amnesy.

Afrology is a piece of instrumental music made with afrobeat and hip hop influence for the rythms and samples.

This EP is free because of the huge collection of samples used to create this album. All the artists and songs name are mentioned so you can search for the original materials and discover great pieces of music.

This Ep was made with love of music and respect of the artists sampled. Medline create only the rythms and the samples sequences.

And now you can read the manifest :

I create this album as a manifest.
It’s the mean to express my sampling philosophy
and my respect to all the artists pursuing in the art of composition
and playing live instruments. Especially african musicians.

I’m sure good beatmakers know the work necessary to compose a song.
You can’t compare it to make a beat. Beacause it mean logistic,
effort, energy, money… in a deeper and harder way of creating music.

A lot of beatmakers love to take piece of music on records
but don’t like to mention the original artists
who take place on the beat.

Some Beatmakers bought rare records and they thought
the autor’s rights and royalties are include in the price.

I made this album with nice music found on the internet.
internet nowadays is a huge black market
to find great music freely.
All this because of the effort of passionate people
that love to share the gems they discover.

Rare records are no more rare.
Vinyl is rare not records.
We have to create vinyl,
buy and sell it so that it can grow more and more.

But also we have to honorate the artists who produced on vinyl
for our present plaisure. And we cannot rob or steal music,
it’s like other material or digital goods.
Diverse licences exists, autor rights too.
Too many beatmakers are hidding themselves
behind false arguments because they profit of bad practice.
Its only matter of meducation and respect other people creation.

We have to transmit music and share it
because it’s a part of our human creation.
But we have to mention the original creator of the music we sample.
Because the music of today is nothing
without the contribution from the past
all beatmaker know that.
But don’t give the respect due to the music they use.

It’s like you take off the heart of a human
or the engine of a turntable.
How beatmakers can put their names on a loop they cut?
Did they have a artistic consciousness?
It’s easy to rob a sample from a record with a machine.
The record will not scream, it is weaponless.
It’s not like rob a MMA fighter… with a water gun.

It’s easy for a beatmaker to take a sample from a record.
It’s not easy to compose a song and to play it.
It’s easy to take great piece of music
and make a beat sound great because of the sample.
But it’s not the same way with live instruments,
musicians and composition.


Composer, beatmaker, turntablist, lyricist and flow provider, multi instrumentist. Co creator of the independant label Propaground. Creator of the vinyl record's dedicated events and network ROTATION