Medline – BBBB

Medline BBBB

BBBB initials for Bye Bye Bad Boys, is a two "side" digital single inspired by jazz funk movie soundtrack.

In this case it's the music of an imaginary movie painting the apocalyptic battle beetween evil forces and soldiers of love.

The two composition are perfect to bring you into secret ops of the soldiers of love into the spiritual dimension to defeat enemies plan.
"Soldier Of Love" is a warrior theme. It paint a dark and obscure night when the soldier prepare to attack. Mission of spying, collect information, put traps, eliminate guards in silence to steal the jewel that gives power to the evil commander and army.

"BBBB" begin with a drama theme and put you into a desertic landscape facing wind and walking to the battlefield. Then, this is the last scene, the last battle. The last drop of hope are flowing into soldier's veins. But he keep faith to defeat the destroyers of earth. It's time to stop the evil domination. To much people have suffered from the demons and they made the humanity blind and unconscious.

All songs composed and arranged by Medline

All instruments played and machines programmed by Medline

Recorded at Sun Son Sound studio / 2011

Mixed and mastered by Medline

Digital files available on

Medline - Soldier Of Love from propaground on Vimeo.

Medline "Soldier Of Love" from the Propaground digital single "BBBB".

Released the 01/01/2012 on

Video footage made by Medline with images from Star Fleet X-Bomber.

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Composer, beatmaker, turntablist, lyricist and flow provider, multi instrumentist. Co creator of the independant label Propaground. Creator of the vinyl record's dedicated events and network ROTATION