My sources of inspiration part. 1 – Roland Kirk

So until we see you again, bright moments and keep searchin’ for your mystery note on the universal piano of life.

Here is one of the guys who inspired me.

A real teacher .

Or I rather to say I'm respectfull in front of the man and admirative listening to his musical approach.
Roland Kirk is all sound, above all a musical prophet.
Maybe underestimate but more, a not enough known artist.
It's a part of its destiny.
This is for me the incarnation of music.
Music freed from the words you want to put on it, from the cases you want to put in it.
He was always breaking laws, creating until infinity.
Thanks to my father for listening to the whole discography all days long!

Y'know, Music is a beautiful thing.
When I'm reincarnated, I'm gonna come back as a musical note!
That way can't nobody capture me.
They can use the hell out of me
but ain't nothin' too much they can do to me.
They can mess me up. They can play the wrong note.
They can play a C, but they can't really destroy a C.
All it is, is a tone.
So I'm gonna come back as a note! Rashaan Roland Kirk





Composer, beatmaker, turntablist, lyricist and flow provider, multi instrumentist. Co creator of the independant label Propaground. Creator of the vinyl record's dedicated events and network ROTATION