Earth, sun, magnetic forces and galactic changes

Change on earth

This topic put relation between diverse phenomenons.

It's more than important I think.

I have the intuition and instinct of something huge will come soon.

So to understand what happened you have to rely events between them to find the causes and deduce consequences.

First of all I've heard about strange solar activity. The sun is in an unsual and unwaited phase of low activity.

Less and less spots appears on the sun. And it seem to enter a phase of hibernation.

But it's not a part from his regular cycle of activity.

The sun's magnetic field is lower and lower since 13th years.

And it have consequences on the earth magnetic field and environement for sure.

Alot of huge and extraordinary meteorologic events happened. From flood to sand storm, hail and fire in forests.

The fact is there are more and more earthquake and sismologic activity : China, Chile, Haiti, Japan, Indian Ocean...

There are also alot of volcanos waking up this last months : Chile (Puyehue), Island (Eyjafjöll, Hekla, Katla), Ethiopia (Nabro), Italy (Etna), Indonesia (Soputan)...

But the most interesting thing is the awakening of some super volcanos : Yellowstone for exemple.


The sun as falling asleep but he drop huge solar storm on earth and it cause problems on geolocalisation devices and discturb telecomunications.

This affect also the schumann resonance that is the electromagnetic pulse of earth on wich all life is conected.

Here are two articles (1 & 2) in french for the people interested in those natural forces.

I think we are at the begining of huge changes but it is difficult to predict anything. And it will without hope to try explain what's going to happened.

But the fact is that Inuit have seen the changes in the sky. The sunset is not at the same place now. It move alot this last years. And it remind me the Hopi texts, that speak about great changes creating each time a new earth. And each time the poles shifted and the sunrise and sunset places moved. The Inuit are always observate the sky, the sun and the stars positions to live, hunt, and decide what to do depending of the weather. And they are seeing like the Nasa's researchers some huge changes.


I've seen this two videos, one with this guy trying to know why the solar hour is no more connected with the electronic clocks. But I think it is because the earth moved on it's axe and it create errors in our tools.


For french readers here is an article connecting, pole shift, sismic activity and volcanos.


In conclusion, we have here alot of phenomenon, we face huge changes and the bigger is for tomorow!!! So wait and see.

In Joe Sacco "Gaza" a palestinian who use to live in hostile environement give a piece of advice in one sentence : observate, think and act!



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